When should I consider purchasing the Travel Protection?

A lot of unexpected things might happen before and during your travel. So that, to protect our customers from unpleasant surprises, we have designed the Travel Protection option.

You are wondering, what unexpected can happen? Let’s examine the most frequent situations.

You have to cancel a trip in the nick of time.
If you have to cancel your flight for one of the covered reasons, Travel Protection will help you get compensated for your non-refundable trip costs.

You feel sick or get hurt and can’t go traveling.
Possible medical issues are also stipulated in the Travel Protection policy. So, if you have been hospitalized and, as a consequence of that, you’re unable to take the booked trip, you’ll be eligible to receive a 100% refund for your entirely unused ticket.

You need professional assistance.
Our Premium concierge service, available 24/7, will provide you with personalized support and is responsible for handling any of your requests, including special meal and seat arrangements, booking changes, cancellations, and even more.

Still need help?

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