Requesting a refund

If your trip starts in less than 72 hours, or you purchased your trip less than 24 hours ago, please request booking cancellation via phone at +1 (888) 839-0189. We’ll examine your ticket and let you know about the refund eligibility and all the associated fees.

For other trips, please follow the instructions below:

  • Submit a refund request by contacting us
  • Get a confirmation email that the refund inquiry was successfully received
  • Receive the response to your inquiry
  • If a refund is permitted: Accept the refund and provide a written authorization via email, get a refund confirmation email and wait up to 4 business weeks for the credit to be posted on the selected refund destination
  • If a refund is not permitted: Get acquainted with other alternative options, like credit for future use or a ticket change, and choose an option that suits you better.

Processing Fee for customers that have tickets with Support Bundle or CFAR plans included will be charged in accordance with the type of Package purchased.


Still need help?

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